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Always an Adventure

Stu and I took our side by side, tent, food, and dog into the woods to find antlers for a few days. We went to some great spots picked up a few sheds and found our camp site for the night. An unexpected experiment with a can of beans determined that you need to open the can before heating it up.....or it explodes with beans every where and then you have a hard time keeping the dog in the tent because she wants to clean up the mess every where. We finally got into the tent, layed down to sleep and the wind started howling!! Stu could not fall asleep because the tent was flapping like a sail whipping in the wind, crackling and snapping. He decided to take the tent down but keep it on top of us in case it rained. After trying to sleep, with the door part of the tent on our heads, (it felt like a bug net on our faces), we chucked the tent back into the side by side and slept on the ground. Woke up the next day, went to another spot, and got a flat tire crossing a brook. Now we had to get back to the truck, loaded with our gear, and about 125lbs of antlers. Riding out a 4-wheeler trail, it was so bumpy that we lost some antlers and lost Stu's jacket which had the key to the vehicle, we didn't realize this happened until we got back to the truck. We had to go back in the woods to find his jacket, along the way we were picking up antlers that we dropped, saying to ourselves, "wow, we were a yard sale going through here". We never know what unexpected things are going to happen to us in the middle of nowhere, but that's what we love about the woods.

Attached is a picture of us really happy in the tent before the wind started.

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