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Bear Hunting (baiting)

Our 13 year old daughter wants to have the experience of a bear hunt. Stu and I flipped a coin to decide who was the lucky parent to sit with her. I am the lucky parent! Our first night sitting in a blind was eventful, but not in the way we hoped. While sitting there very quietly we all of a sudden heard a huge snap and our roof collapsed on about messing your pants....our daughter accidentally swore because it jumped her so bad. Then we had a mouse (later named Petunia) run across both of our feet in search of what, we don't know. So we fed Petunia candy corn and tried to get her to stay awhile. She (we assumed) kept coming back for the candy. We also conquered 187 games of pictoword. We had 2 squirrels running all around our blind trying to catch each other. We also had a huge spider making a web in the shooting hole, and an inch worm dancing all over the inside of our canvas blind. We never saw a bear, but we sat there for 5 hours and "become one with nature".

Here's a picture of Gracie, hopefully the next picture is her with her bear.

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