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Choosing the Right Antler

It is really important to make sure you choose the right antler for your dog. We have sizes from tasters to x-large, these are good for different size dogs, depending on weight. We also have monster moose munchers for the really big dogs, or an aggressive chewing dog. Custom cuts are available for picky dogs. And we occasionally offer antlers with names, for the designer dogs. Whatever your fur babie's preference, we have what you need!! Attached is a picture of OnX, she's 1 year old, weighing 50 pounds, and she's chosen a monster moose muncher. OnX prefers big, heavy antlers, and she's an aggressive chewer.

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1 Comment

Albert M Ceranko
Feb 18, 2022

Just a "for whatever it may be worth"...we've ordered whole antlers from Stu & Liz after ordering a few cut antler chews...after learning about how dogs chew, what teeth they use...and how to prevent tooth fractures...which some of our dogs experienced from other "hard" chews and Nylabones. Grade A, FRESH, moose antlers from Mainely Chews are the SOFTEST antler available! That said, they are still plenty firm with 3 layers that are easily understood by using a tooth as an example. The outermost layer is a bit like the enamel of the's the thinnest; but hardest layer. The next layer is a bit like dental "dentin", a bit thicker and a bit softer. The innermost layer...the "marrow" of the…

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