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Grouse, grouse, goose

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Gracie and I had the opportunity to crawl through the woods to shoot geese today. Their incredible eye sight, turned us into belly crawling snipers. We gave the thumbs up, I heard her safety come off, I clicked mine off, she took the first shot, my shot was a second behind hers and we got 3 geese. We were so excited!! Then we realized all of this fun just turned into a mystery on how we were going to retrieve these geese. I thought, no big deal, I'll walk out and get them. As the water reached the top of my boots, I knew I had to take them off. Back to the shore, removal of the foot gear, and I waded back out. The mud and muck was squishing between my toes, sinking past my knees, and the water lilies were so thick I could barely walk, and the water was getting really deep. Back to the shore to admit defeat. Stu yelled across the water, "you need to get them". We called Kimber out and she couldn't figure out how to get a hold of the geese. Wasting food is not an option! Third time out I knew I had to swim for it. Back through the muck and I leaned forward into the water lilies, now I'm swimming in a pond to retrieve geese. This is a first!! I'm pretty sure I felt a huge turtle go under my legs, or I could have just been freaking out about the whole situation. I brought the geese back and as I walked out of the water I had to remove the water lilies that were wrapped around my legs like spaghetti. I let Gracie know that next time was her turn. She said "next time we're bringing a kayak!" Smart kid! We then went grouse hunting, Gracie limited out and shot her first double with one shot! This girl is on fire. Here's a picture of our successful goose hunt.

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1 Comment

Albert M Ceranko
Oct 02, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS!!!...but I am SO LAUGHING! <Sorry> The "water retriever" is on shore watching his human Mom swimming out to fetch up the geese! Well...Kimber KNOWS how to fetch up antlers, but these wet, feathered-covered things??? Ewww! The tickle the roof of my mouth!!! Your writing paints a MOST HUMOROUS picture of your (mis)adventures! Well, since there are snapping turtles in Maine...and since I used to "fish" for them here in Ohio...they DO like lilies for cover...and, being opportunists...I guess that you got to the geese before the turtle did! ...and you are SO RIGHT! It is unconscionable to let properly and humanely harvested wild game "go to waste"! THANK YOU! While it is true that scavengers would have made good…

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