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Jozee's First Deer

Deer hunting with young kids is all about comfort, iPad, smiles, and fun. It was like Christmas morning for Jozee, she couldn't wait to get to the blind. We got there an hour before legal shoot, on purpose, to give her time to settle in. We had candy, a buddy heater, and cushions to sit on. No more than 30 mins after legal shoot, a doe appeared. I said "Jozee, a doe is here" she got on my lap, got the gun positioned and her whole body shook. I said "what was that?", she said " I tried to shoot". "OK, learning lesson. First, the safety is on, and second, you need to SQUEEZE the trigger", she said "ok". Her whole body shook again. "Jozee, you can't shoot with the safety on. Are you ready, I'm going to take the safety off?" She said "yes!". I took the safety off and BOOM, the deer heaved and ran. She nailed it!! The deer went down and so did the tears on our cheeks. It was great excitement to have this moment together. October 24, 2020 Jozee shot a 105lb doe with a Browning 308 at 7:00am.

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1 Comment

Albert M Ceranko
Oct 31, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS, Jozee!!! Well done!!! Al, Barb, Pelli, Katie & Lily

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