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OnX The Glutton

Here is a letter from OnX, on the outside of her crate, (this is her new home when we have to leave the house for an hour or even less.)

"My name is OnX….I am a very bad dog….sometimes!!

I need to be left in this box unless you can watch me at all times. When I need to poop, I will not whine or let you know, I just go, right where I am standing.

I also have recently figured out how to get on the counters and I think I am deprived of food at all times! I eat whole bags of bread, full packages of watermelon gummies, and books of life savers. Then I get a wicked belly ache and puke, again, right where I am, and mostly on furniture.

If you let me out to go “pee pee”, I will do that, but then I am immediately on the search for food. Outside food consists of chicken poop, chicken bread, chicken layer pellets, my pile of puke that mom threw out the door, and scraps that have fallen out of vehicles. "

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