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The Plot Thickens

It was a normal day of looking for sheds. Stu and I were walking through the woods and we found this ginormous fresh brown antler, we were really excited. We continued walking and saw another antler, pretty close to where the fresh one was and thought, there's the match. We picked it up and realized it was the antler from the year before. Now we have to find 2 more. The next day we went back to our hot spot and found another large antler, we were sure it was the mate to one of the 2 we found the day before, it wasn't, it was from 3 years ago. Now we need to find 3 more antlers. We then find another fresh brown antler, certain it was a match to one and it wasn't. We then found the match to that antler and could not believe how many big antlers were in this yard. In 2 days, we found 5 large antlers and we still need to find the other 3. We'll be back there for sure!

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1 commento

Albert M Ceranko
10 feb 2021

Holy schamolee! Those are some kinda Bobbydazzlers!!!

Mi piace
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