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Fall trout

It's that time of year, the colors of the trees reminds you of skittles, the air is cold and crisp at night, and the trout are hungry. Stu took the girls fishing in one of our hot spots, just as soon as they got there, Gracie decided to check the water temperature by gracefully falling out of her kayak, thankfully it was shallow where she put on her performance. It wasn't much longer after that, Jozee forgot that the water got deeper the further you walked out and filled her boots. Both girls were freezing and wet and spent the rest of the night with Taylor Swift and forced hot air. Stu and his dad landed fish after fish while Kimber inspected every one as they hit the gravel beach. Kimber isn't just an amazing antler dog, she also has a nose for a great eating trout. Here's a picture of the bountiful night.

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