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Bear Baiting

It’s that time of year again….putting up tree stands and hauling barrels to the sites. I love to bear hunt but when it comes to setting up new bait sites, it’s a pain. It always takes forever and my dad never knows exactly where he wants everything to go. It’s always, "maybe it could be better in that area", "I wonder how many yards it is from there to there", and "hopefully the bear come to this site". This year we are adding two more sites than we had last year, which means more work and more bait. Our one year old puppy (Onx) loves baiting the bear because every little piece of food we drop on the ground, is fair game. She is like a vacuum cleaner! You don’t need to clean up anything because she has already eaten it. Despite everything that goes into baiting the bear, it is all worth it in the end, when you get to shoot one and provide food for the family. I hope everyone’s season goes well.

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