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Feeding the deer

Once deer season ends in Maine the fun of feeding the deer begins....and when I say fun I mean playing a little game of not it. If you're not familiar with the not it game, it is when you're sitting in your comfy chair by the woodstove in the living room, and your dad asks who wants to feed the deer? When this question is asked arguing will follow! The game consists of putting your finger on your nose and saying "not it". My sister and I will go to great lengths to not have to go out into the cold and scoop buckets of corn. If the question gets asked and there is food or water in your mouth expect it to be on the floor....and yes this has happened. Luckily for me I almost always win....this makes my sister very mad and has caused tears from time to time. Even though feeding the deer is such a burden it is amazing to see how many of them will come to eat. I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year!

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