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Snow Days

Today my high school in Maine, had another day off, making this the 4th snow day. A snow day is a great excuse to sleep in and then play in the snow. It has come to my realization that not everyone has had the wonderful experience of a snow day. Some of our customers live in non-snow states and actually travel to see snow. Why people travel to experience frost bitten fingers, freezing cold temperatures, and snot that runs down your face, is beyond me. When the snow comes...the joy of plowing begins. My dad somehow enjoys plowing...which I don't understand. What's fun about pushing snow in a pile on the edge of someone's driveway? According to him it's a guy thing. But what is fun about the snow, is a day off of school after a big storm. Activities include: flying down the driveway past my little sister on our sleds. Making snowmen in our yard, of course my dad has a tractor and he needs to show us how to make an 8 foot tall base (must be another guy thing), which now has a 2 foot in diameter snowball on top of that because we couldn't reach any higher. Drinking hot chocolate, made with 2 packets because one is never enough, and freezing our butts off, which ultimately makes us feel like we earned the hot cocoa. We hope you stay warm this weekend, no matter where you are, we are suppose to have record lows in our state!

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