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Bow hunting

October is right around the corner which means so is deer season... and alone time away from my sister! My family and I just recently learned to bow hunt....I realized quickly in life that if I get "dad" interested in something I want, I'll get it faster.... I'm loving my Mathews bow. Although October is a whole month away, we are already picking out our spots for where we want to put our tree stands....aka, quiet, restful, nap areas in trees. Mine is positioned perfectly along apple trees. This is a great location because deer can't resist apples, but also dangerous because sometimes when an apple drops and makes a "thud" noise it almost jumps me right out of my stand. We just bought an old farm house with 65 acres, this makes hunting so much more enjoyable. Since I’m 15 this will be my last youth year for deer. Which means I better put my big girl pants on because I'll be dragging my dad's deer out too! He's such an old man already, always complaining about his back, neck, and something torn in his rotator cuff..... is that really a thing, or did he make that up? Maybe when he tells me to get off my phone, I should tell him I'm researching that "cuff thing" he's always talking about. But seriously I'm also excited for the new things that I will be able to experience on my own. I hope that everyone gets to make amazing memories this year with their family. Good luck to all of the hunters!

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1 Comment

Linda Walker
Linda Walker
Sep 11, 2022

Gracie, I love the information contained in your blog. Very well written. I love your sense of humor. Good luck in the woods.

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