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It's Moose Antler Season

Well, well, well, look who's been hitting the gym - it's Stu, the moose antler collector! That's right, folks, it's moose antler season in Maine, and Stu is on the hunt for the legendary moose sheds.

And let me tell you, Stu isn't doing this alone - he's got OnX by his side. She's like a bloodhound for moose antlers, and can smell them from miles away. She's like a superhero, except instead of a cape, she's got a nose that could sniff out a needle in a haystack.

And once OnX has located the antlers, she comes back for Stu, like a trusty sidekick leading the way. And let me tell you, Stu is no slouch - he's been carrying 10-15 antlers on his back at a time, for miles back to the vehicle. Talk about getting a workout!

But hey, it's all worth it for those sweet, sweet moose antlers. Who needs dumbbells when you've got nature's own weights? And once Stu has collected all those antlers, he's going to deliver them right to your door with every order!!

So keep your eyes peeled, folks - Stu and OnX might be coming your way with a backpack full of moose antlers. Just be sure to give them some space - those things are heavy!

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